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With over 35 years of professional and reputable experience, BB视讯APP律师事务所 can assist you
and your business in becoming financially wealthy


Providing Trusted Business Accounting Solutions


We offer a wide range of assurance services for privately-held companies.

税收筹划 & 准备

We stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax regulations & is able to offer new tax opportunities.


Our professionals are dedicated to working closely with clients to advance and enhance the value of their business.

Business 接班人计划

We provide expert estate and business succession planning.


As technology rapidly changes, it is essential for businesses to consistently enhance internal IT and strategy.

Protech Edgebanding Inc.

“使用BB视讯APP律师事务所 over the years has proven to be the right decision. Their guidance and expertise allowed us to grow our company into a great success. Their team of accounting and bookkeeping experts also helped us save a great deal of time and money, 并最终, we were able to successfully sell our business for an extremely profitable amount due to their smart financial planning and effective negotiation support. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a long-lasting strategic partner who can also achieve the best tax results for you and your business."



A member of Alliott Group, a top 20 international association of independent accounting and law firms. Alliott Group’s diligent member firm selection process ensures that membership is only granted t o professional firms that can meet the strict criteria that will safeguard high standards in the service of clients around the globe.









Peyman Khayati


Imagine a career with a rockstar team

We credit our success to our dedicated employees. Join a team of professionals who strive to deliver while maintaining a high level of integrity, 专业, 和激情.


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Guides to make the right decision

Personal Tax Templates

  • Statement of 首页 Office Expenses
  • Statement of Medical Expenses
  • Statement of Rental Income and Expenses

税率 & 表

  • CRA - Corporation 税率
  • CRA - Personal Income 税率

税收的文章 & 新闻

  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 131 - 3rd Quarter 2020
  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 130 - 2nd Quarter 2020
  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 129 - 1st Quarter 2020


  • 业务问题 - Volume 34, Issue 3 (June 2020)
  • 业务问题 - Volume 34, Issue 2 (April 2020)
  • 业务问题 - Volume 34, Issue 1 (February 2020)


What types of clients do you work with?
The diversity in the range of industries we serve stems largely from the size of our firm, which has allowed our employees to specialize in various areas to become highly skilled in their respective fields. Our team has experience with information technology, 软件开发, 教育, 医疗保健, 餐厅, 大麻, real estate development, 供应商, 分销商, 运输, and investment holding companies, 在其他企业. With our integration and proactive approach, we facilitate quick decision-making and provide our clients with direct access to all our professionals who will continuously address your specific needs and goals.
Every person is unique. Every business is different. That is why we like to discuss your personal and business needs, assess your financial information, review past individual/corporate tax returns, any shareholder agreements, 和更多的. This way we can provide you with a tailored scope of work and favourable fee quotes for your projects so that it all suits your needs and budget.
Can you assist me with obtaining funding if the major banks have refused to help me?
We can certainly assist you with getting funds from uncommon sources if your bank has declined you for a loan or refused to increase your credit. Our team of experts have direct links to the major banks as well as other lenders, such as the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). We will do all the research about your business and personal situation to put together a proper application for you. We will conduct meetings on your behalf and do our best to get you the funds you need.

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